Stain Resistant Carpet 

Washington’s Carpet One Floor & Home has what you need when it comes to new flooring. Carpet is a classic choice for many residential homes. You may not think of it at first, but carpet is a durable flooring option. Many carpets feature superior stain resistance, meaning you can have worry-free flooring in your home. You cannot always prevent life’s mishaps, and stain resistant carpets are the perfect solution for families who have an active and busy household.

Many manufacturers offer topical treatments to apply to the fibers of carpet to resist dirt and spills from seeping into the core of the material. You should know that there are limitations to how much dirt it is able to be repelled as well as how long the treatment will last. A chemical coating is better than nothing, but it can sometimes disappoint those who expect more from a topical treatment. “Stain proof” carpets do not exist. If a manufacturer is trust-worthy, they should not claim their product is stain proof because even the toughest spill, if not treated correctly, could leave a permanent stain.

Stain resistant carpets are a pet owner’s best friend in the home. Pets have accidents and you cannot always get to them right away. Stain resistant carpets not only make cleaning up pet messes easier, but they also prevent the odor from sticking around.

Take a look at our Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive stain resistant brands below.

Stain Resistant Carpet Brands

Tigressa Carpet

Tigressá® H2O™

Tigressá H2O is a ground-breaking carpet that is totally waterproof. With Tigressá you are not only getting a durable carpet but also a worry-free floor. 

Learn About Tigressa H2O
Lees carpet

Relax, it's... Lees®

Lees is one of our exclusive carpet brands and is built with stain fighting power. It also features a 25 year no exclusions warranty, which means that no matter what happens these carpets are totally covered.

Learn About Lees
What is the Best carpet?

Innovia Xtreme Clean™

Innovia is a combination of ultimate softness with breakthrough stain prevention technology. With Innovia, just about any spill can be cleaned up with plain water.

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