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About Hardwood Flooring 

Hardwood is no exception to the high standards we hold for all of our flooring here at Washington’s Carpet One Floor & Home. Hardwood flooring is a luxurious and durable product. It is great for homes that have allergies because it inhibits the growth of mold and mildew when properly taken care of.

Is Hardwood Flooring Durable?

We are your local flooring experts, so we know hardwood flooring in an investment. Hardwood flooring is meant to be installed in on or above grade rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms. You can install hardwood floors in kitchens as well, but you must clean up spills right away in addition to regular maintenance. Remember, hardwood flooring is not a waterproof option and can become warped when exposed to water or moisture for too long.

Choose from solid or engineered hardwood, exotic or traditional, even choose the color and plank width. You can make hardwood flooring custom to your home that fits your lifestyle and personal style. Stick with the trends that are popular today like hand scraped or rustic, or stick with traditional warm wooden uniform looks.

Continue reading below to learn more about hardwood floors we carry and make sure you stop by our Washington's Carpet One showroom in Mansfield, OH and speak with one of our flooring experts.


About Hardwood Flooring


Why Should I Choose Hardwood?

There are many reasons why hardwood is such a popular choice. Let us give you a few more reasons as to why hardwood would be best for you. 

Why Hardwood?

What Type of Hardwood is Best?

We are asked often what the difference between solid and engineered hardwood is. Here is a quick explanation of the major differences. 

Types of Hardwood

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